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The Solution Rises Every Morning!™

Welcome to the future. Michigan Solar Solutions is making renewable energy affordable and easy.

Install now in time to take advantage of the 30% Tax Credit on this year’s taxes!
Now Available – No money down financing!

Is Michigan really good for Solar?
Yes it is, much better than you would think!!!
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 A Michigan Solar Company
Installing Michigan & American Made Products

Using Michigan Labor

Our solar panels are the toughest on the market!  See for yourself.

Why use Michigan Solar Solutions?  We know how to  design a system that will save you money.   MSS has installed over 100 custom designed solar arrays throughout Michigan.
From years of installing we know the installation processes, utility requirements and current solar rebates.
We use only the highest quality products with heavy emphasis on American and Michigan made components carrying a 25 year warranty!

 This solar array recently installed by MSS can power 20 average homes!
Watch this video to learn more about solar and MSS.

Our solar systems come with free lifetime monitoring of your solar energy production.   MSS will monitor your solar system assuring you are receiving optimal solar production and payback each and every day.  We are a turnkey solar installer handling all requirements.  We have endless recommendation letters from satisfied customers.

Ask us about the tax incentives in Michigan!

Whether you are from Southeastern Michigan, Southern Michigan, Central Michigan, Western Michigan or Northern Michigan, we can help you!  Solar can make you the king of your destiny!