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Michigan is great for Solar electric power!    Click HERE to see for yourself!

SolarWorld Sunmodule solar panels exceed international standards!  See for yourself:

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     Nine years of experience

1000’s of panels installed – hundreds of happy customers! 

Our award winning customer service removes the hastle and makes going solar easy!

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We are the experts when it comes to solar and wind power.

  We use American made products (Michigan made when available) that carry a 25 year warranty!

 This solar array installed by MSS can power 20 average homes!
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A Michigan Solar Company
Installing Michigan Made Products
Using Michigan Labor

Our solar systems come with free monitoring of your solar energy production.   We monitor your solar system assuring you are receiving optimal solar production and payback each and every day.  We are a turnkey solar installer handling all requirements.

Whether you are from Southeastern Michigan, Southern Michigan, Central Michigan, Western Michigan or Northern Michigan, we can help you!  Retire without an electric bill!

Ask us about the  solar incentives and tax incentives in Michigan!