SB438 Senate Bill

November 9th 2015

Currently the state senate energy & technology committee is debating bill SB438.  This bill will decrease the amount of credit solar net metering customers receive for the power they put onto the grid.  The current situation is not fair and will become much more unfair if this allowed to pass.  Currently net metering customers put the most expensive power on the grid and take the least expensive power off of the grid.  During the day when the grid is at peak demand solar net metering customers are sending their extra power onto the grid.  At night when the demand on the grid plunges these net metering customers pull the power off of the grid.  When DTE charges Time-of Day rates they charge 12.8 cents a kWh for peak power and 4.2 cents a kWh for off-peak power.  The utility companies already can make 8.6 cents a kWh from this power (12.8 – 4.2 = 8.6) – but they want much more.  Actually what they want is to protect their respective monopolies that they have enjoyed and they see solar net metering customers as a big threat.  They see it as a big threat because the cost of solar has plunged while the cost of power has risen dramatically.  Once someone installs solar on their roof, everything it produces will no longer be purchased from the monopoly.  If this bill passes it will shut down the incentive that allows homeowners to install a system on their roof.

Please contact your senator and let them know that you stand with 70% of Michigan residence who support the current net metering bill and will not accept them reducing the credit amount in favor of the utility company monopolies.

Here is the link to find who your senator is and get their contact information –


Did you know…

In one hour the sun supplies enough energy to cover the needs of the earth for an entire year.   The sun is the source of energy for the future – clean and free and that will never change.

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