Builders and Developers

Solar energy is on the rise in Michigan! The time is now to offer solar as an option or a standard feature on your homes. Homebuilders around the country are becoming more savvy about the benefits of solar and how it can sell homes faster and put more money back in their pocket.

Benefits of offering homes with solar:
-Homes sell faster with solar than comparable homes without solar
-Lower installation cost during construction puts more money back in the builders pocket
-Solar homes are perceived to be higher quality homes
-Appreciate faster
-No or low electric bill
-Brings in a new segment of buyers to your business
-Sets you apart from your competitors
-Cost rolled into mortgage provides positive cash flow from day one
-30% Federal Tax Credit available to your customer to put money back in their pocket

We make it easy for you to set yourself apart from your competitors while attracting new customers. From start to finish we handle all permits, inspections and take care of the rigorous paperwork required by the utilities so you can stay focused on your business. Our sales team will help you understand solar and which lots or properties have the best production opportunities. We can help you consult with your buyer as needed to help close the deal. Let us bring you to the future of new home building and solar energy!

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