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3 Advantages of Commercial Solar Energy




As a commercial property owner, there are countless advantages to having solar panels installed on your business; solar energy is an excellent way for companies to market to a specific customer base that places a high value on their commitment to go solar, stay protected against rising electricity costs, and increase their profits at the same time. The return on your investment is relatively quick, and you’d also be able to take advantage of tax credits for using commercial solar energy. The marketing potential for adding solar cannot be understated. People patronize companies that have the same commitments that they do. Solar is the only marketing expense that even if you do not gain any new customers, will still return a profit!

That said, every business decision requires some thought and consideration before taking the plunge. You’ll need to take a look at your current energy situation and electricity bills, and think about where you want them to go moving forward. If you’ve been interested in commercial solar energy but want to learn a bit more about how it can benefit your business first, read on for our breakdown!

Your business will be protected from rising utility charges. 

One of the most expensive overhead costs for any business is electricity. Being reliant on the electric grid means your energy costs can fluctuate unpredictably and at the will of the utility. Implementing commercial solar energy can protect your business from seasonal electricity changes as well as unexpected price hikes! 

Commercial solar power can boost your property value.

When a commercial property opts to go solar, the value of that property increases significantly. Most business owners can expect a minimum of 3-4% property value increase once it’s equipped with solar, and that’s just on the low end! The demand for solar-ran properties is growing in 2023, and it’s not expected to stop any time soon. You’ll enjoy the benefits of clean energy in the short term, and a guaranteed profit if and when you decide to sell the business down the road.

“Green” businesses experience higher consumer support.

In the age of climate change, consumers often note that they would prefer to support a business engaging in clean energy practices. Nearly 80% of American consumers are changing their buying preferences based on environmental impact, social responsibility, or inclusiveness. Choosing commercial solar power for your company increases your CSR, leaving a more positive impression on potential customers. 

Ready to enjoy the vast advantages of commercial solar? The experts at MSS are here to help kickstart the process! 

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