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4 Things To Know When Investing In A Solar System for Commercial Properties

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Running and operating a commercial property is far from easy; operating costs can build up, unexpected overhead issues can occur, and on top of that, you’ve got to pay to power a huge building every day. Commercial property owners across the country are choosing to steer away from traditional electricity, and install solar energy panels to power their buildings. Office buildings, shopping malls, schools, factories, hospitals and more are rapidly making the switch to solar.

Curious why? Read on for our top 4 things you need to know about investing in a solar system for commercial properties!

Solar systems can be installed on countless commercial property types and locations.
The options for a solar system for commercial properties are almost endless. Rooftops, awnings, barns, sheds, gazebos, carports, pole mounts and more are all fair game for mounting a solar energy system. And don’t worry, it’s not an eyesore—when installed on a rooftop or sun-facing surface, you probably won’t even know it’s there!

A solar system for commercial property pays for itself.
They’re called an investment for a reason; you’re getting your money’s worth in the long run by making the switch to solar. Think lower monthly energy bills in the meantime, and a solar array that pays for itself in under a decade and in some cases, just 2 to 3 years. 

Your property value will increase.
It’s true – when choosing to install a solar system for commercial properties, the value of that property increases more than you think. You can expect a minimum of 3-4% property value increase once it’s equipped with solar, and that’s just on the low end. Why? Well, think about it: whoever decides to purchase that commercial property next can automatically enjoy every single benefit that comes with it, both financially and environmentally. 

Speaking of environmental impacts…
It’s proven that consumers feel better about supporting businesses that implement green practices. 60% of U.S. adults view climate change as a growing concern, and nearly 80% say they are changing their buying preferences based on environmental impact, social responsibility, or inclusiveness. By going solar with your commercial property, you’re boosting your business’ corporate social responsibility and reducing your carbon footprint on the earth. It’s a win-win!

Ready to enjoy the benefits of a solar system on your commercial property? Let’s chat!

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