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4 Ways to Know Solar is a Good Fit for your Business



Big or small, many industrial businesses can reap the benefits of installing solar power. When considering going solar, business executives should consider their goals of the project. Are you interested in going solar to cut your energy consumption and energy costs, being green-friendly to create a sustainable advantage or do you have another reason? 

Commercial Solar Benefits

1. Reduce Your Utility Bill, Get a Good Return on Investment

Your company will always need electricity. Drawing on sources such as coal, natural gas, or oil costs your business increasing amounts each year. Drawing on the sun’s energy through solar is predictable and offers economic opportunity. Solar power offers the chance to reduce or eliminate your electricity bill as the power your system produces offsets the power you pull from the grid. The more power your system generates, the less you owe in utility costs.

As technology has developed, the quality of products improved while the costs dropped. Solar panels prices have dropped over 70 percent since 2009, according to National Geographic. The cost of installation still is an expensive investment, but so is paying your electric bill.  With tax credits, incentives, and grants you will offset some of the costs. With these savings added to the reduction of utility costs leads to a rapid return on investment for choosing solar. Once the installation has been paid off, your solar panels will provide free energy for the rest of their  lifespans

2. Low-Maintenance

Once installed, your solar panel system will need minimal maintenance. During the installation process, the technicians will optimize it to work reliably under warranty for around 25 years, with a lifespan closer to 35 years. If your system will not use batteries, there is even less of a need for maintenance. 

3. Clean Energy

Listing your business as a “Green Company” encourages both consumers and other businesses to partner with you. Solar energy is renewable and sustainable without contributing to air pollution during its operation. Choosing to operate using solar panels adds an environmentally-friendly stance that fits into an overall corporate social responsibility section of a company’s values and helps create a sustainable advantage. 

4. Will Solar Work for Your Business?

Solar makes sense for many large businesses that consume a lot of energy. This includes large retail stores, warehouses, light manufacturing, greenhouses, hotels and more. These four things will make the difference in whether solar will make sense.

1. Your business has high energy bills

For example, heating, cooling large spaces. (e.g. Warehouses, greenhouses, hotels)

2. You consume energy primarily in the daytime

If your primary consumption is during the day, your array will offset more of the electricity. If you’re primarily a night-time energy user, solar may not be a good fit.

3. You do not have high-density power use

Including large power demand in a smaller space such as manufacturing equipment may not get as good a return.

4. Your site conditions are right for solar

Your roof is south, west or east facing, unshaded, and clear.

Your Next Step?

Have a conversation with a Commercial Solar Consultant to explore whether solar is a good fit for your business. Call (248) 923-3456 or request a Free Online Solar Analysis for Your Business.


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