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5 Reasons Why Solar Is an Excellent Fit In Michigan



Most people consider states like California and Florida as the top locations for solar. This perception comes from the idea that solar flourishes in warmer climates with lots of sun exposure. While this is partially true, solar makes sense for Michiganders for several reasons.

1. Return on Investment

Michigan is rated 15th best in the country for residential return on investment due to how high our electricity rates are (average annual increase of 4%-9%). Homeowners that switch to solar save tens of thousands of dollars and don’t have to worry about rising energy costs.

2. Price Drop

Over the past 5 years, the cost of solar has decreased by 40%. It’s now more affordable than ever!

3. Rebates & Incentives

Not only have prices dropped, energy rebates and incentives make going solar in Michigan a good investment also. In 2020, residents receive a 26% investment tax credit when installing solar. This saves them money by paying less taxes on their solar array. There is also a Home Energy Loan Program, Commercial Energy Loan Program and other renewable energy programs through Consumers Energy and DTE Energy.

4. Cold Temperatures

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels work better in colder temperatures with increased energy output. While there may be a boost in energy production during summer months, this is because the days are longer with more sun exposure, not because it’s warmer outside. With Michigan’s northern climate, solar is a great fit.

5. Weather

It’s a common myth that Michigan’s weather isn’t well suited for solar power. It’s true, Michigan does experience more cloudy days than some states. Luckily, solar panels still produce energy even in overcast weather! Our solar panels also withstand a 50 mph hail strike from a 1” hail ball and flourish in winter months with proper monitoring and snow removal. Don’t let Michigan weather stop you from going solar!

Many residents and businesses have already gone solar in Michigan. In 2019 alone, 33.28 MW of solar power was installed, for a total of 193.39 MW. It’s also projected that 1,291.99 MW will be installed over the next 5 years.

Be a part of the growth! See if solar makes sense for your home or business.

If you or another business is interested in having an undeniable impact on your triple bottom line give us a call for a free consultation to see if solar is right for you! Call (248) 923-3456 or request a Free Online Solar Analysis for Your Business.

Michigan Solar Solutions is a commercial and residential solar installer and electrical contractor that has served the lower peninsula of Michigan since 2007. We have installed thousands of panels and have a happy customer near you, check out what our customers think of us Guild Quality.

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