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Ann Arbor Energy Commission Acknowledges Efforts of Michigan Solar Solutions and Oak Electric



At the September 2017 meeting of the Ann Arbor Energy Commission, Mark Clevey submitted a resolution to, “acknowledge the Energy Office, Oak Electric and Michigan Solar Solutions for their outstanding efforts to maintain the integrity of the Ann Arbor Solar Club.”

The Energy Commission Commendation was approved and became the basis for Mr. Clevey’s nomination of these organizations for the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association (GLREA) Leadership Award. The award recognizes those who continuously work to promote clean energy in Michigan. Mark Clevey is the Vice Chair for the City of Ann Arbor Energy Commission and also the Vice President of the GLREA. We would like to thank Mr. Clevey for his tireless efforts to promote renewable energy, the time and effort he put into authoring the Commendation and nominating us for the GLREA Leadership award. It motivate us to continue our sustainability efforts in the state!

“GLREA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that represents individuals, organizations and businesses that support the adoption and expansion of clean renewable energy in Michigan like solar and wind.” Learn more about GLREA.

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