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Do You Have a Good Roof for Solar Panels? Here’s How to Know.

The Michigan weather is heating up, and the sun is breaking through the last of those winter clouds. If you’re thinking about investing in a rooftop solar system this spring, you’ll first need to take a look at your roof and make sure it’s compatible with a solar array. Not every roof is created equal, and certain types handle solar installations better than others.

Read on to learn about some key factors to consider when determining if you have a good roof for solar panels!


Ideally, you want a south-facing roof for optimal sun exposure. However, a west-facing roof is great if you are on Time-Of-Day (TOD) rates. With Michigan switching to TOD rates, west-facing roofs can be the best!  It’s important to determine which direction your roof faces and how much sunlight it receives throughout the day.


To install the right number of panels, a general rule of thumb is that you’ll need at least 300 square feet of roof space. That said, it can vary depending on the size and efficiency of the solar panels you choose. It’s important to measure the available roof space and consult with a solar panel installer to determine how many panels you will need for your energy needs.


The ideal roof slope for solar panel installation is 30-35 degrees. A steeper roof may make installation more difficult, while a flatter roof will require extra hardware to angle the panels properly. It’s important to consider the pitch of your roof and how it may affect the installation process.


If your roof is older than five years, it’s important to consider whether it needs to be re-done before installing solar panels. Solar panel systems can last up to 25 years or more, so it’s important to ensure that your roof will last for the life of the system.


Shade from trees or nearby buildings can reduce the output of your solar panels. It’s important to consider the shade patterns on your roof throughout the day and whether any trees need to be trimmed back to ensure optimal sun exposure.


Composite and metal standing seam roofs are great roofs for easy solar panel installation. Wood shingles are not recommended, and most companies won’t install on wood-shingled roofs. 

Consulting with an expert solar panel installer at MSS can help you determine whether your roof is a good fit for a solar panel system, and what steps may need to be taken to prepare for installation! By taking these factors into consideration, you can ensure that your solar panel system will be installed properly and efficiently, providing you with long-term energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Michigan Solar Solutions will handle the assessment of these items free of charge, and is proud to be your top destination for making the switch to solar energy.

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