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Financial Benefits of Going Solar – Including Free Marketing for Your Business!

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When you own and operate a business, finances are typically at the forefront of your mind. Overhead costs are a constant struggle, revenue is imperative, and then there’s the cost of promoting your business. 

Commercial businesses are opting to go solar for a variety of reasons, and the positive financial impacts are hard to beat! Think lower energy bills, a federal tax incentive, and even free marketing benefits for your company. Read on for a deeper dive into the financial benefits of choosing solar power for your commercial property!

In a society where clean and green goods and services are applauded, your business has an opportunity to flourish.

People feel good about supporting a company that does good; over 66% of consumers worldwide have noted they’re more likely to engage with eco-friendly products and businesses than their non-sustainable counterparts. This extends beyond just solar power, but proudly displaying your commitment to the environment by installing a solar energy system on your commercial property is a huge help!

Going solar means you and your business are eligible for special state and federal tax incentives.

To reward businesses that choose to go green, the government offers tax breaks, rebates and other financial enticements like business cost deductions and grants for alternative energy. The Environmental Protection Agency provides grants for qualified businesses that align with environmentally responsible approaches in a variety of ways. The Small Business Administration (SBA) also offers financing solutions to organizations that support green solutions and technologies. With all these incentives available, you’re able to focus more closely on other aspects of your business!

Your business will gain free marketing by way of a positive societal reputation.

We know, installing a solar system isn’t free, but word-of-mouth marketing sure is! In communities where sustainable practices are even more emphasized, companies that utilize renewable energy are celebrated and supported. Plus, even once your solar array is completely paid off in just a matter of years, that free marketing and publicity sticks around for the long haul. 

Intrigued by the financial benefits you could uncover for your business by going solar? Chat with one of our friendly and knowledgeable experts today!

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