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How Long Can Your Solar Battery Power Your Home During an Outage?

Solar Battery Backup

So, the dreaded has just happened: your power went out. Maybe an ice storm caused a neighborhood-wide blackout, or maybe the utility company is experiencing issues and can’t provide an estimate of when you’ll get your power back. We’re all familiar with the frustration and uncertainty a power outage can cause, but with a backup solar battery, you can be protected through it all.

Installing solar battery backup systems along with your home’s solar array allows you to stay powered without relying on utility companies, even during a blackout. Knowing how long your battery storage system can power your home during an outage is essential for homeowners who want to be prepared for an emergency. Read on for a breakdown of what solar batteries are, how they work, and how long they work for!

Types of Battery Systems

When it comes to solar battery systems, you have the option of going with grid-tied or off-grid backup batteries. Grid-tied battery backup systems are batteries within an electrical system also served by the utility grid. These systems are used for both backup power and self-consumption simultaneously. When the grid is down, the solar battery charges from your solar panels. When the grid is running, the solar battery acts as the grid, limiting your purchases of Peak Power from your utility and saving you hundreds of dollars annually. Energy from your solar battery  can be strategically deployed to improve your home’s resilience and maintain the comforts of life – no matter what happens.

How long can my solar battery provide power?

At Michigan Solar Solutions, we offer solutions ranging from powering your home for a single day to powering your home for weeks on end if the grid goes down! This depends on the number of appliances you plan to keep powered during an outage. The more conservative you are with your power usage, the longer your battery will last. This cannot be overstated: a solar battery of a certain size could last twice as long if the user was conscious of conservation.

If an outage occurs, conserve your energy. 

Solar battery systems provide energy security by powering electricity to critical appliances and medical equipment, such as freezers, water pumps, sump pumps, CPAP and oxygen machines, and more. When an outage strikes, take stock of your most crucial appliances that require power: your refrigerator, lighting, water heater, and mobile device chargers. Try to focus your backup energy on powering these appliances, and slowly ease your additional non-critical systems in over time.

Ready to achieve energy independence for your home? Chat with our experts about solar battery backup systems today!

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