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How Solar Power Can Solve The Dreaded Power Outages

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Everyone’s been there: you’re cooking dinner at home with the TV on in the background, when all of a sudden you hear a faint buzz… and then its total darkness. Power outages contributed to nearly 1.33 billion combined outage hours for U.S. utility customers in 2020, a 73% increase from roughly 770 million outage hours in 2019. 

With outage numbers growing every year, so does the urge to break up with your conventional energy company. Ditching your electricity provider and making the switch to solar power won’t only save you money in the long run, it’ll also save you from being left in the dark–quite literally.

What causes power outages, anyway?

Power outages are usually due to a disruption somewhere between the electricity supplier and homeowners. The power plant may still be fully capable of producing electricity, but there is a breach in the system (such as a broken power line) that prevents the supply from reaching the consumer in that service area.

Solar powered homes that are connected to the grid contribute to the production of electricity, but are not immune to blackouts that affect the entire community. Solar systems rely on a battery source to store and reuse power when it’s needed.

The Solar Solution

By adding a battery backup to your solar power system, your lights will remain on even when your neighbor’s don’t. Diverting the excess solar energy your panels create to your battery and backup panel allows you to power essential appliances and the most important rooms in your home, even during an outage.

Relying on solar power is cleaner and more efficient in a blackout than using generators, which run on fossil fuels and can be disruptive to you and your neighborhood.

Still curious how solar can save you during an outage? Connect with one of our experts today and let us show you the difference MSS can make!

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