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How to Choose the Right Solar Panel Installation Company

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Taking your home or business solar is something to be excited about–you’re signing up for cleaner energy, lower costs, and a significant return on your investment! It’s no wonder the allure of solar power has grown exponentially over the past few years. Homeowners and businesses all around the country are making the switch to solar, and maybe you’re ready to take the plunge, too.

But how do you know which provider is the best choice for you? Read our breakdown on choosing the right solar panel installation company for your project!

Experience, experience, experience.

Just as you probably wouldn’t trust a first-year medical student to perform major heart surgery, you shouldn’t trust a solar panel installation company that doesn’t boast credible experience. Seek out installers who have years of experience installing solar equipment, and are knowledgeable about all aspects of the process. Michigan Solar Solutions is one of the most experienced renewable energy firms in Michigan! As leaders in the industry, we are regularly asked to testify in front of the state legislators and have helped both DTE and Consumers Energy with projects that help to define the future of power distribution. Having installed hundreds of jobs, we have been responsible for bringing over two megawatts of renewable energy on the line for the people of Michigan.

Honesty and transparency go a long way.

Some solar array service companies rely on high-pressure sales tactics. One of the best things you can do when choosing a solar panel installation company is to make sure they have your best interest in mind, and aren’t just trying to upsell you. At Michigan Solar Solutions, our success is driven by a commitment to honesty and integrity–starting with your very first cost estimate! We believe in educating our clients to make empowered decisions, and that begins with being 100% straightforward about the cost of your project, how much power your system will actually produce, and what your options are.

Choose a company that values your relationship.

Lastly, make sure your solar panel installation company has a commitment to continuing your relationship even after your system has been installed. There’s nothing worse than completing a service with a provider and then feeling left in the dark when you have questions a few months later. At MSS, our relationship doesn’t end after the installation. With a complete in-house service department, we’re available to provide service should any issue arise with your panels or battery storage system. We don’t subcontract any installation effort, so you’ll always be dealing directly with us!

Ready to chat about going solar? Our experts at MSS are standing by and waiting to help get you on the path toward clean, green energy!

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