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How to Stop Big Utilities from Taking Away Solar Owner Benefits



Did you know the current Michigan laws are putting solar growth in jeopardy? Believe it or not, Michigan and big utilities have created rules and laws that make it harder to justify installing solar in Michigan – and harder for businesses and homeowners to benefit from investing in solar.

Problem Overview

.75% Cap on Solar Installations

In 2008, the Michigan Public Act 295 energy bill was passed limiting the total number of utility-connected solar systems and solar energy production to .75% of each Michigan utility’s peak power load. That ¾ of 1% cap on the number of total solar systems that could be installed and take advantage of the net metering or Buy All, Sell All programs seriously impacts the advantage for businesses and homeowners’ ability to go solar. What that means is, after the cap is reached – there will be no legal means for new businesses and homeowners to install solar on their home that is connected to the grid. Today, we are quickly approaching that ¾ of 1% cap. If the cap isn’t removed, the development of solar power will decrease significantly – hampering renewable energy goals, too.

Distributed Generation (DG) Tariff

The Distributed Generation (DG) tariff in Michigan has allowed DTE Energy to pay solar customers less money for the extra electricity than they send back to the grid. Today, DTE is allowed to pay the customer only 7.47 cents per kWh for the peak power electricity produced with their arrays.  If a customer is on Time-Of-Use billing they could pay 300% more for peak power than they do for off-peak power. So a solar array will send power worth 300% more money to the grid then the value of the power they take off the grid at night!  

Work with us to keep the big utilities from pushing us around and limiting our choices by supporting the Powering Michigan Forward Bill Package

These laws have shut down the economical advantage of owning solar and giving an unfair advantage to the big utilities. Utilities see distributed generation by consumers as a threat to their existence. Work with us to keep the big utilities from pushing us around and limiting our choices by supporting the Powering Michigan Forward Bill Package.

Michigan State Senators have introduced the Powering Michigan Forward Bill Package that includes Senate Bills 596, 597 and 598 to address these problems. The bills were introduced to combat the above issues by removing the ¾ of 1% cap, implementing a fair value tariff that measures the true cost and benefits analysis and reverting back to monthly payments.

Help fight this attack on your rights by supporting the Powering Michigan Forward Bills

Contact Your State Representative: We urge you to contact your state representative and demand that they support the bills.

Vote Yes to Solar: You can also support the bills by signing the Vote Solar petition.

View GLREA’s Powering Michigan Forward Bill Package Summary for more information.

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