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Michigan’s New Energy Policy: Empowering Residential Homeowners in Michigan and Advancing Solar Power Energy Adoption



The State of Michigan has taken a significant step forward in promoting clean energy with the introduction of the Homeowner’s Energy Policy Act. This new legislation aims to remove barriers that homeowners’ associations (HOAs) in Michigan have traditionally imposed on solar energy adoption, marking a transformative shift in the state’s solar power energy industry. 


The Key Provisions of Michigan’s Homeowner’s Energy Policy Act

The Homeowner’s Energy Policy Act, passed in June 2024, prohibits HOAs from halting residential rooftop solar panel installations throughout Michigan. This energy policy change ensures that aesthetic concerns or arbitrary restrictions no longer stand in the way of homeowners in Michigan seeking to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint. Michigan’s clean energy commitment is underscored by this legislation, which aligns with Michigan’s goal to produce all energy from clean sources by the year 2040. The Homeowner’s Energy Policy Act also supports other energy efficiency updates, such as heat pumps and electric vehicle chargers, further advancing the State of Michigan’s sustainable energy initiatives. Learn more about the act.


What’s Next for Michigan’s Homeowner’s Energy Policy Act

The Homeowner’s Energy Policy Act becomes effective September 18, 2024, following Governor Whitmer’s signature, signed on July 8, 2024. By September 18, 2025, HOAs are required to have a solar energy policy that follows applicable laws. Read more about the scope of the act

“These bipartisan bills address a range of issues that will build a stronger future for our communities,” said Governor Whitmer. “From honoring the strong mothers whose children serve our nation in uniform, supporting fair and free elections that make sure the winner can take office without unnecessary interference, to ensuring homeowners have the freedom to put solar panels on their own houses, we’ll keep working together to make a real difference in people’s lives.”


Why is Michigan’s New Solar Panel Energy Policy Act Important News For Residential Homeowners?

Historically, HOAs have had the power to block residential solar panel installations based on appearance or other minor issues. This authority has prevented many Michigan residents from receiving the benefits of solar power energy, contributing to the state’s lower ranking in national solar capacity. By removing these barriers, the new law allows Michiganders an easier pathway to clean energy. 

With the Homeowner’s Energy Policy Act, Michigan’s solar market is poised for growth. Homeowners in Michigan will have greater freedom to choose solar power energy, contributing to increased adoption rates and supporting the state’s clean energy targets. Michigan solar installers, like Michigan Solar Solutions, anticipate a rise in business as previously blocked residential projects will soon be allowed to move forward. 

The new solar panel acts will also bring awareness to the cost savings of solar power energy, offering many Michigan homeowners, particularly those on fixed incomes or in retirement a brighter future. 


Explore the Cost-Saving Benefits of Solar Panels with Michigan Solar Solutions

Between 2010 and 2021, the costs of solar panel systems decreased by 64 percent, making solar power energy an increasingly attractive option for residential homeowners in Michigan. Federal incentives, including tax credits and rebates, enhance these savings, making solar installations more affordable and accessible. These solar incentives, combined with Michigan’s Homeowner’s Energy Policy Act, will significantly advance Michigan’s clean energy goals.

Our goal at Michigan Solar Solutions is to make going solar easy financially for homeowners throughout the State of Michigan. That’s why we help our customers finance such crucial clean energy efforts. Additionally, we are an expert Michigan Saves financing contractor and have received countless awards, including the Michigan Saves Top Solar PV Contractor Award.

Residential homeowners in Michigan interested in having an undeniable impact on their energy costs should call us for a free solar panel consultation at (248) 923-3456 or request a free online solar analysis.

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