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MSS Recognized as Solaria’s Installer of the Week



Michigan Solar Solutions has been selected as Solaria’s featured solar installer of the week as part of their Pro Partner Program! We are proud to be honored from August 31, 2020 through September 4th, 2020 by such an innovative company who strives to improve their customers’ lives and society.

Solaria has reinvented solar, creating a more efficient and aesthetic solar array using PowerXT® panels. “Solaria’s PowerXT® panel was introduced to the market in late 2016. It is a high-performance, aesthetic solar panel that produces up to 20% more power than a conventional solar panel. The PowerXT® panel also provides a visually attractive all-black appearance compared to conventional solar panels on the market today,” according to Solaria.

We started offering Solaria panels in the winter of 2020. Since then, we have experienced great results and hundreds of happy customers who went solar with Solaria panels because of their increased efficiency and appeal.

Here are some notable differences in their panels:

Traditional Panels PowerXT® Panels
Deadspots No deadspots
Busbars  No busbars
Series wiring Parallel substrings
Efficiency loss, failure points & dramatic power loss 20% more energy production

Learn more about Solaria PowerXT® panels:


Are you interested in going solar with Solaria PowerXT® panels? See if solar makes sense for you.

If you or another business is interested in having an undeniable impact on your triple bottom line give us a call for a free consultation to see if solar is right for you! Call (248) 923-3456 or request a Free Online Solar Analysis for Your Business.

Michigan Solar Solutions is a commercial and residential solar installer and electrical contractor that has served the lower peninsula of Michigan since 2007. We have installed thousands of panels and have a happy customer near you, check out what our customers think of us Guild Quality.

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