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What do I do if my solar shows it is not producing power?


If there is any snow at all on your solar array, it will disproportionately reduce your energy production. Either wait for the snow to shed our brush it off.

Step 1: Check your electrical panel and make sure your circuit breaker didn’t trip. If it did trip, reset it. If it didn’t trip the breaker then continue outside to the meter. Near the meter is your solar AC disconnect. The lever should be up in the ON position. If it isn’t up, flip it up. The only way for this to be off is if someone flipped it off.

Step 2: Make sure the router is plugged in. Next, reset your router. If it does not have a reset button, power it down for ten seconds (unplug it) then power it back up. If your system has a ZigBee/Gateway WI-FI then most of the time the issue is because the Gateway device (plugged into your router) has recently been moved, or an obstruction has been placed between the Gateway device and the antenna on the inverter. When this happens, the signal can be blocked/lost due to an obstruction. This will require either the Gateway device to be moved so that it has a clear line of sight to the inverter antenna, possibly closer to the inverter if available staying plugged into the router. Or the obstruction could be moved out of that line of sight. If all else fails, you may need to hardwire the connection, if available (may incur additional costs).

Step 3: If this fails, please contact our service department at (248) 397-5083 Option 1.

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