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NEW RGS Solar Shingles!


Michigan Solar Solutions is proud to announce our new product line, RGS POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingles! MSS is proud to have been chosen as RGS’s premier partner in the state and is excited to sell a product that was originally developed by Dow in Midland, Michigan. “The RGS Powerhouse Shingles are the next step in the progression of solar integration into buildings. Integration is the wave of the future and MSS is proud to be able to offer this technology to home owners, farmers and business owners with shingled roofs,” said Mark Hagerty, President of Michigan Solar Solutions.

Why choose solar shingles?


Integrated Roofing: If you’re thinking of going solar but don’t want large solar panels, POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingles provides a fully integrated roofing solution that is visually appealing.

Durability: The shingles protect like a traditional roof by withstanding the weather and winds from 110-200 mph.

NEW RGS Solar Shingles! - Blog Michigan Solar Solutions - RGS-solar-shingles-monitoring-1-300x233Monitoring System: Allows you to easily view your energy production and savings.

Smart Home Capabl: These shingles can work with a smart home and integrates with other renewable energy products such as the EV charger or solar energy battery.

No Technological Obsolescence: With technology continually improving, you don’t have to worry about our shingles being outdated. The shingles were designed with a removable insert in case they need to be updated.


Long-Term Savings: You will experience cost-savings as soon as the shingles are installed. Every kWh of energy created is one you don’t have to buy from the power company which reduces your utility costs.

Saves Tax Time: You can claim solar shingles under the federal tax incentive and take advantage of a 30% federal tax credit as well as state and local utility incentives. NEW RGS Solar Shingles! - Blog Michigan Solar Solutions - RGS-solar-shingles-home-improvement-specs-298x300

Environmentally Friendly: Our shingles decrease dependence on fossil fuels and generate clean energy.

Increases Home Marketability: Houses with solar increase in value and sell twice as fast on average compared to those without solar.

Maintenance Free: Almost no maintenance is required after the solar shingles have been installed. These shingles are durable and are resistant to outdoor elements.   If you’re thinking that solar shingles are right for your home or business, contact us today to get a free solar analysis and quote!

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