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Case Study

Blasius Countertops Solar

Vassar, MI


Location: Vassar, Michigan

Systems Deployed: 258 kW
Estimated Year 1 Generation: 326 MWh
Estimated Year 1 Savings: $40K+
Estimated Lifetime Savings: $1.7M+
% of annual electric use from solar: 50%
Site: 258 KW DC / 150 kW AC Ground Mount
PTO Month: August 2023
Mounting Design: 30-degree Ground Mount equipped with Bi-facial solar panels. Crushed quartz below for improved albedo light reflection to modules
IRR: 21.6%
Levelized Cost of Energy: Utility $.14, Solar $0.014 / kWh
Years to Break Even: 4.4

Description: In the summer of 2023, MSS partnered with Blasius Countertops to implement a ground-mounted solar photovoltaic installation in Vassar, Michigan utilizing bi-facial solar panels and capturing additional production by installing white crushed quartz to vastly improve production. This project aimed to cut electric expenses, stimulate business growth, and advance sustainability goals. The interconnected solar array effectively reduced and offset fossil fuel consumption, while real-time performance metrics were tracked using a data logging system, revenue-grade meter, and a weather station to give ownership visibility in real time performance metrics of the system.

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