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Case Study

Enterprise Vassar/Vassar Holdings

Vassar, MI


Location: Vassar, Michigan
System Size: 52 kW
Estimated Year 1 Generation: 57 MWH

Enterprise Vassar is a warehousing company in Vassar MI. This warehouse, the company HQ and main distribution center, services Decker Equipment’s school supplies venture, SchoolFix Catalog. One unique challenge for this project, in particular, is that it came to fruition at the same time as a changing wind code in Michigan, moving from 90 Mph to 115 Mph required panel placement to be redesigned and customer flexibility. The CEO is committed to sustainability and reducing the company’s carbon footprint. For these reasons, Enterprise Vassar installed a 26 kW ground mount array and Vassar Holdings installed a 26 kW roof-mounted solar array.

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