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Case Study

Ludington Hotels

Ludington, MI


Location: Ludington, Michigan

Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn and Best Western hotels in Ludington went solar! Hear about it from Jeff Curtis in hotel management.

“We were very interested with the idea of adding renewable energy for our three hotels located in Western Michigan. We saw several benefits from installing solar grids on the Hotels. The first benefit was obvious, savings on electrical utilities. Electric being one are of the largest operating expenses. Second is most franchises are requiring the franchisees (us) to reduce our carbon footprint. Franchisor are requiring proof that the hotels are reducing energy year after year. Third benefit is marketing the hotels as a green lodging property in our marketing plan. More and more guest are seeking lodging options that are environmentally conscious.

We knew solar looked like the way to go as a company, but we started with little knowledge on solar systems. We contacted several Solar companies in Michigan asking for more information. Michigan Solar solutions (MSS) was by far the most helpful. MSS set up a meeting at our location with three employees, owner of MSS and our management team. The meeting was very helpful in bringing our team up to speed with solar. They answered question about, most beneficial system size, best location of system, ground mount vs. roof mount, tax benefits, federal grant, types of electrical billing, AC vs. DC, estimated pay off of system, monitoring system after installed, and long-term maintenance. MSS gathered our billing information and quickly returned a proposal that best fit each hotel. After doing an electrical analysis report, MSS shared with us that we could save thousands per years just by changing the way we are currently billed with Consumers energy. The cost for change the billing type cost nothing, just filling out paperwork.

We signed a contract with MSS to install three solar systems for our hotels. We are very satisfied with Michigan Solar Systems and would highly recommend them for anyone looking for solar solutions.”

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