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Solar in Grand Rapids On the Rise


In December of 2017, Grand Rapids Michigan became one of just twelve cities across the U.S. selected to participate in the Zero Cities Project, according to an article written by Justin Dawes and published in the Grand Rapids Business Journal. Participation in this project will result in a plan for all residential and commercial buildings to achieve a goal of zero net carbon.

 Michigan Solar Solutions would like to congratulate the City of Grand Rapids on being selected to participate in the Zero Cities Project. With many of the fastest growing industries being energy intensive, the city of Grand Rapids realizes this will make them more competitive and attractive to new high-tech companies. As an example, Switch LTD performed an extensive search to open the most advanced data center in the eastern US. One of their primary criteria in making a decision was that they would receive 100% renewable energy. They chose Grand Rapids and opened their new building in early 2017.
Other project are currently underway, like the Keeler Building, which will take a 103 year old building and make it net zero. This will be accomplished  in part, with geothermal and solar electric panels. Jeffrey Dombrowski of Keeler Flats LLC stated the energy savings will translate into lower rents. Michigan Solar Solutions has seen a large increase in renewable energy in the Grand Rapids area over the last ten years.
“The people of Grand Rapids have a progressive attitude toward renewable energy,” says Brennan, a local solar advisor. “They understand that the electricity continues to go up, the price of solar has dropped and the financial tools that have recently become available to the public put solar within reach of everyday homeowners. They also understand that our current path forward is not sustainable, and everyone needs to participate in reducing carbon emissions.”
According to Brennan, he believes the number of residential solar installations could triple in 2018 alone.

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