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The 6 Steps of Installing Solar Panels For a Home


So you’ve made the decision to go solar–hooray! You’re starting down the path of taking ownership of your power and your family’s security, and contributing to a greener and healthier earth for all. You’re probably curious about the next steps… believe it or not, the process of installation is actually quite hefty, but we handle it all.

When you work with Michigan Solar Solutions, our in-house team will handle the process while always keeping you in the loop along the way. Let’s walk through the 6 steps of installing solar panels for a home!

Welcome to the MSS Family!

We pride ourselves on being the top-rated solar installer in the state, and we’re so excited to help you take control of your energy. The first step to installing solar panels for a home is getting to know you, and having an honest conversation! Once a person decides to “Go Solar,” they should expect a 6-8 week period for full installation and utility company connection. The majority of the wait time is due to local electrical and building permits being issued, and the utility company approvals. The good news? The actual installation will take just a few days!

Time for a Survey

Next, we’ll do a complete survey of your home using our FFA-licensed drone pilots. Our experienced and knowledgeable team uses this technology to get a complete understanding of your home’s structure, in order to put the best plan into action to get your solar up and running!


The third step of installing solar panels for a home comes down to design and engineering! After reviewing the survey results, our team will get to work on custom-designing your new solar array completely in-house. We fully tailor your solar system to your requirements and needs!

Regulations & Permits

Next, MSS will handle any and all regulations needed to get your solar array approved. We’ll contact any electrical teams, municipal regulators, and utility companies involved in your area to ensure your solar system will be up to code.

Time to Install!

The moment you’ve been waiting for… it’s installation time! We’re now ready to build and install the solar array on your house, thanks to our NABCEP-certified professionals. Michigan Solar Solutions is the highest-ranked NABCEP-certified installer for solar panels for a home, due to the impressive number of people in our company that hold the certification!


Now that your brand new solar system is installed, the final step is energizing the array. To do this, we’ll turn the system on, make sure it works, and then turn it off because the utility needs to be the one who has the final turn-on. Lastly, we’ll map the system and set it up to be monitored with an app on your phone so you can track your solar progress! We typically ask that the first two bills after your solar installation are sent to us, so we can review that everything is functioning properly and the utility has entered you into the correct rate structure.

And that’s it! MSS makes the path to installing solar panels for a home efficient and easy.

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