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Thinking of Going Solar? Read Our Quick Guide!

Solar energy is the fasting-growing renewable energy source in the world. It’s clean, safe for the environment, and beneficial to your finances. But does going solar make sense for you?

The truth is, solar makes sense for many homeowners–but the majority never really investigated it or spent the time to learn if they were a great candidate.

If committing to going solar is on your to-do list for the near future, read our quick guide for a rundown of everything you need to know beforehand.

Are you a candidate for going solar?

Before you can get your solar panels installed and turned on, you need to look at your property to determine if it’s a candidate for solar. The following considerations are a good starting point:

Does your roof or plot of land get ample sunshine for multiple hours a day? Do you have enough surface area? What types of permits will you need? Does your neighborhood allow solar installations?

If you live in an area with strict codes, such as with Neighborhood Associations, check to ensure solar arrays are permitted. Some will allow for roof-mounted solar, but not ground mounted.

What are the benefits of going solar?

If you’ve checked the required boxes before going solar, congratulations! You’re one step closer to enjoying ownership of your power. Solar comes with vast benefits, like…

    • Qualifying you for federal tax credits and lowering your monthly energy bills
    • Utilizing an energy source that’s healthier and safer for the environment
    • Protecting you against power outages
    • Protecting you against rising utility costs

… And so many more.

What are the next steps?

Ready to enjoy the vast advantages of solar energy? The experts at MSS are here to help kickstart the process! Contact us for help to further analyze your specific situation, and talk you through the process of going solar getting a solar array installed on your home.

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