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Three Ways to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

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In a world run by technology, staying digitally connected at all times is more important than ever. However, staying plugged in 24/7 can heavily impact your energy cost for your home overall. Read on for three of our best tips on making your home energy-efficient.

1. Replace all Incandescent CFL Light Bulbs

Did you know that the average home uses around 40 light bulbs? With traditional bulbs, energy costs can add up quickly. Make the switch to LED bulbs to enjoy longer-lasting bulb life and a reduced strain on your electric bill.

2. Always Unplug Unused Device Chargers

We’re all victims of leaving that stray iPhone charger plugged in behind our nightstand or under our bed. While that tiny plug may not seem like a big deal, the average device charger consumes 0.26 watts of energy when plugged in but not in use. One stray charger won’t drain your wallet, but multiple forgotten ones in a household can account for up to 10% of your overall energy bill!

3. Make Permanent Tweaks to Your Home

The costs that come along with owning a home can be hefty enough–add in unnecessary energy charges, and you can end up with a monthly electric bill that makes you want to live off the grid for good. Investing in a few higher-level changes to your home can seriously decrease your energy cost.

Old, drafty windows are a huge money-suck for letting warm or cool air out of your home, forcing you to run your heating and cooling systems for longer. Replacing your windows with newer, more insulated versions featuring argon gas insulated between the window panes can help you save up to 50% on your energy bills! Installing solar panels is another great way to reduce energy costs, while increasing your home value at the same time. Switching to a greener form of energy is both efficient and cost-effective!

Looking for more ways to save on electric costs? Switching to a solar power system may be the solution for you. Contact us today for a free copy of our energy saving idea guide.

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