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Tips for an Energy-Efficient Home in the Fall and Winter

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It’s officially fall in Michigan, and we all know what that means! Crunchy leaves, a crisp breeze, and the urge to bundle up and turn the heat on in our homes. While the autumn and winter seasons bring us plenty of holidays and good times, they can also contribute to higher energy consumption if you’re not careful.

Read on for our tips on keeping your home energy-efficient all season long!

Check to make sure all cracks, leaks and drafts are sealed.

One major key to keeping your home energy-efficient in the cooler months is making sure your home is free of any gaps that could let the heat out. Inspect your doors and windows for any chilly drafts, and easily repair them with weatherstripping or caulk. Ensuring your insulation is solid will help keep your heating costs lower in the long run!

Assess your fireplace, if you have one.

There’s truly nothing better than a warm, crackling fire in your living room during a chilly autumn evening. However, fireplaces can often be a pathway for air to escape. Make sure the chimney damper on your fireplace is always closed unless you have a fire burning, to prevent any additional drafts. You can also purchase energy-efficient grates that help draw cool air toward the fireplace and direct warm air back into the room!

Take advantage of heat from the sun.

You already know we’re huge fans of the sun here at Michigan Solar Solutions. In the cooler months, take advantage of this natural warmth by keeping the curtains open on any south-facing windows, allowing for an energy-efficient (and free) heat source!

Invest in Solar Energy.

Our last tip for keeping your home energy-efficient not just in the cooler months, but all year long? Solar power! When you decide to make the initial investment on solar energy, your home can reap the benefits of the sun through every single season–yep, even the winter. You’ll experience lower energy bills in the long run, and a complete return on your investment in under a decade.

Michigan Solar Solutions is your top destination for making the switch to clean, green, and sustainable energy.

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