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Two Houses of Worship Use Solar Energy as Environmental Stewardship


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Many faith-based organizations explore options to serve the earth as a celebration of their faith better. This environmental stewardship runs deep for congregations of all faiths. Houses of worship typically serve many people. This communal effort has helped some locations to take advantage of solar opportunities. Read below to learn about two solar installations for faith-based groups.

One Faith-Based Organization’s Offering for Solar Energy

There is a new energy project coming to the D.C. area in 2020. A field owned by Catholic Charities will get 5,000 new solar panels provided by the non-profit Catholic Energies. This organization works with churches across the nation to help them find solar solutions to their energy needs. The D.C.-based project will impact 12 Catholic Charity-owned properties lowering their carbon emissions. 

The non-profit Catholic Energies can offer their services free-of-charge to churches and their congregations by partnering with investors. The investor can take advantage of state and federal tax credit incentive programs. Many of these incentive programs are available to commercial businesses, faith-based organizations, and residents. 

An Example Closer to Home Two Houses of Worship Use Solar Energy as Environmental Stewardship - 20161014_105006-768x576

Campus Chapel is home to a congregation in Ann Arbor, MI. They had solar energy panels installed a few years ago and are now net-zero traditional energy users for the summer months. The congregation fund-raised the money necessary to take this project from idea to reality. The organization leaders have since become champions of faith-based environmental stewardship. 

At the end of 2017, the church hosted a “Solar Open House,” partially promoted by Michigan Interfaith Power and Light (IPL). MI IPL works with the Michigan faith community to bring environmentally conscious opportunities. Specifically, they serve as a fount of resources for congregations searching for the means to fund-raise and install their own panels.

Catholic Energies and MI IPL are just two of many faith-based organizations working to bring alternative energy opportunities to houses of worship across the US. 


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