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What to Know About Solar Panel Maintenance



Hooray–you’ve gone solar! After installing a solar array on your residence or business, you’ll immediately begin enjoying all the benefits of clean, green energy. That said, you might be wondering what kind of solar panel maintenance is required for the health of your energy system. 

Here’s the good (and short) news: solar requires minimal upkeep! Once set up, you’ll hardly need to worry about the maintenance of your solar system in the long run. Keep reading for our breakdown of what you need to know about solar panel maintenance. 

Try to avoid manually cleaning or tampering with your solar panels.

During the warmer months, it can be tempting to get on your roof and clear away any leaves or dirt that may have collected on your panels. Generally, solar panels don’t need to be cleaned – rooftop panels installed at an angle will naturally clean off with rainfall. We advise against manually clearing off your panels with a leaf blower or garden hose, as you could accidentally damage your panels. We already know that solar still performs well in freezing temperatures, and sometimes even better! While it’s true that heavy snowfall collecting and sitting on your panels for an extended period of time can hinder their ability to generate power, chances are the snow will eventually slide off on its own without you needing to take any action.

Utilize an app to keep track of your solar panel maintenance and health.

By going solar, you’re already contributing to the well-being of the planet and environment in a high-tech way. Take it one step further by using an app on your smartphone to track the health of your solar array! Michigan Solar Solutions uses either Solar Edge or Enphase (high-performing solar monitoring systems) inverters on our grid-tied solar arrays. Both systems have an app or an online web portal that enables both you and us to monitor your array. The best part? These applications are free to our customers!

Get a warranty on your newly installed system.

One of the best preventative solar panel maintenance measures you can take is to get a good warranty on your power system. This way, you’re perfectly equipped should anything go wrong or need to be repaired! Our solar panels have a 25-year power production guarantee, and with a life expectancy of 40+ years, your system should be the only one you ever buy. If your panel does not produce what it should during the 25 years, then it qualifies for a full replacement (not prorated). The panels are the item that is least likely to fail, and they also have a 5-year labor warranty.

Surprised by how simple and quick solar panel maintenance is? We hope so! Going solar is good for you, your energy consumption, and our environment. Chat with us today to see if solar is right for you! 



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