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What to Know About Your Solar Powered House in Cold Weather

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Solar energy is a fantastic investment for any time of year, but you can especially benefit during the chillier months. Yes, sun = solar power, but it’s not the heat from the sun that powers your system–it’s the light itself. Even in freezing weather, your solar powered house will turn sunlight into electricity.

If you’ve recently gone solar and are wondering what to expect before the winter hits, read on for our full breakdown.

You May Experience Increased Solar Panel Performance
When it’s cold outside, solar panels produce more voltage, and thus more electricity. This is because the photovoltaic (PV) technology in solar panels is able to convert sunlight to power when it is colder more efficiently. Also, the surface of solar panels is much slicker than roofing shingles, helping the snow slide off more quickly. 

That said, the Elements of Winter can Hinder That Power
While yes, your solar powered house can enjoy increased power in the cold, your solar will only produce 10-15% of its annual production from November-February here in Michigan. This is mainly because snow, the shorter days, and the low position of the sun in the winter are all variables that can hinder the voltage increases from colder temps.

Your Solar Powered House Can Balance Fall & Winter Lighting Costs
Shorter days in the fall and winter mean you’ve got the lights on longer. Colder weather means you’re inside longer, and just want to cozy up with a good movie. Plus, outdoor decorative holiday light displays are notoriously reflected on your bills during these seasons. With a solar system, you can drastically slash your lighting costs in the colder months.

Your Home Can Power Through Winter Storms with Solar Battery Storage
In winter storms, the traditional grid may not fare as well as solar panels. Power outages can be a frequent occurrence during the winter months, with some outages leaving families in the cold and in the dark for days. Installing a rooftop solar panel system with battery storage can give you clean, renewable back-up electricity so you can power through the next blackout. Get ready to store up your sunny days for a stormy one!

Amazed by how well your solar-powered house can function in the winter? We hope so! Michigan Solar Solutions is proud to be your top destination for making the switch to solar.

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