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Michigan Solar Solutions

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About Our Solar Solutions

It is our goal that every customer associates MSS with quality, integrity, and dependability.

Founded by Mark Hagerty in 2007, Michigan Solar Solutions now operates multiple offices covering Michigan’s lower peninsula. Our team offers a wide range of services, including solar installations and battery back-up solutions. We are an electrical contractor and licensed builder. We have a dedicated staff of experts, maintain an outstanding BBB rating, and take pride in our full-time service department, ensuring top-notch customer support and ongoing maintenance for your solar arrays.

Michigan Solar Solutions: Our Mission

It is the mission of MSS to provide quality products and services to our customers in a timely and professional manner. Our hard-working and friendly staff bring our customers the best in solar through exceptional workmanship, various warranties, and guarantees of our work.

Michigan Pride, Environmental Commitment, and Unparalleled Experience

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Michigan Solar Solutions is committed to supporting local and national communities. Partnering with The Michigan Chapter of The Sierra Club, we’re dedicated to promoting clean energy and environmental protection.

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With extensive experience, MSS is a leader in Michigan’s renewable energy industry. We’ve influenced state legislation and collaborated with major utilities to bring over 15 megawatts of renewable energy to Michigan.

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MSS lives by the ‘Golden Rule,’ providing honest education on energy efficiency without pressure. Your satisfaction and environmental impact are our priorities.

Meet The Team

Every member of Michigan Solar Solutions is dedicated to providing top-notch service and quality. Meet our friendly and knowledgeable team!

See what our solar customers are saying

When it comes to our unique solar solutions, here’s what our happy clients have to say:

5 star rating

“MSS recently installed a 36-panel array on our home in Southern Michigan. We couldn’t have asked for better customer service. Their communication was on point, questions were quickly answered, and the time between installation and activation was super quick!”

Stephanie G.

5 star rating

“I am very concerned about Climate change and felt that the efforts I was making to reduce my carbon footprint were not enough. Since installing my Solar Panels I have greatly reduced my electric needs, my last electric bill for Sept was $9.25 I feel that I am now doing my share to help our planet and the system is almost paying for itself.”

Eileen B.

5 star rating

“There’s a steep learning curve when it comes to choosing a solar company. However, from day one I was pleased with Michigan Solar Solutions. I never felt pressured or rushed. They answered my questions regularly and instilled a “customer first” attitude. I have already recommended them to several friends and family members.”

Joe G.


Solar works great in Michigan if your property has the room to install, and unshaded area for the panels to operate at their peak performance. Due to our high energy prices, Michigan is the best in the Midwest when it comes to return on investment for your solar array.

The cost of solar depends on several factors:

How much electricity do you use? A family of four with all-electric appliances will use more electricity than a family of two with gas appliances
Are you trying to offset all of your electricity, so as to pay the electric company as little as possible, or just your most expensive, peak-cost electricity?
Do you have an area for the solar panels with good sun exposure and little to no shading? South-facing arrays will produce the most electricity, but East or West-facing arrays are also good options. West-facing panels will produce more of the most expensive peak power.

Michigan Solar Solutions will provide you with answers, free of charge, to let you know exactly what your investment will be to accomplish your goals.

Yes! Solar is modular: You can start small, and add on when you can afford it. We suggest you start with at least a twelve (12) panel system and add on from there.

Michigan Solar Solutions’ certified Master Electricians are well-versed in integrating generators with your solar and battery system. On occasion an old generator may have to be replaced or bypassed.

Yes! Think about the calculator on your desk that has a little solar panel in it. It has never seen the sun, but works great. All solar panels need is light. When it is cloudy, the light is diffused, just like household lighting.