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5 star rating

“MSS recently installed a 36-panel array on our home in Southern Michigan. We couldn’t have asked for better customer service. Their communication was on point, questions were quickly answered, and the time between installation and activation was super quick!”

Stephanie G.

5 star rating

“I am very concerned about Climate change and felt that the efforts I was making to reduce my carbon footprint were not enough. Since installing my Solar Panels I have greatly reduced my electric needs, my last electric bill for Sept was $9.25 I feel that I am now doing my share to help our planet and the system is almost paying for itself.”

Eileen B.

5 star rating

“There’s a steep learning curve when it comes to choosing a solar company. However, from day one I was pleased with Michigan Solar Solutions. I never felt pressured or rushed. They answered my questions regularly and instilled a “customer first” attitude. I have already recommended them to several friends and family members.”

Joe G.

Solar power can solve your energy woes

Your Brighter Future With Solar

Michigan is among the best in the nation for residential solar array return on investment due to high electricity costs. While 99% of homeowners pay rising utility bills, others invest in solar arrays, saving thousands of dollars and avoiding escalating energy expenses. 

Solar adds home value, extends roof life, and aids grid stability while reducing fossil fuel use. Grid-tied systems share excess electricity with the grid, and a battery backup ensures power during outages.

Case Studies And Statistics

74.56kW / 256 kWh

System Size


Estimated Annual Savings

We designed the system with room for expansion, both on the solar side and the battery side. And, we specifically chose equipment that afforded us that flexibility. Each system can support 250A passthrough partially backing up the dual 400A services on site.

The batteries were installed in an outbuilding barn with a five-inch thick commercial concrete floor. The ability to stack the batteries allowed us to fit several enclosures in one room, which was a rather tall room. The room itself was actually rather tight, with no airflow, so we had to add a mini split to make sure the room stayed cool.

With his solar-plus-storage system in place, this Michigan homeowner can take advantage of the many benefits of renewable energy all while lowering the monthly electricity bill and reducing dependence on the utility grid.

24.3 kW DC / 25 kW AC

System Size


Estimated Annual Savings

Michigan Solar Solutions (MSS) built this project for a retired engineer in Milford, Michigan. This installation, a medium-large residential solar array, not only epitomizes the practicality of solar energy but also addresses the growing concern over grid reliability. Featuring a sophisticated solar and storage system, the project includes ground-mounted solar arrays and a state-of-the-art battery backup, ensuring uninterrupted power supply. Key components like high-efficiency solar modules and advanced inverters form the backbone of this resilient setup.

The homeowner, motivated by the value of sustainable energy and personal experiences with power failures, now enjoys a self-reliant, secure, and efficient power solution. With significant savings on electricity bills and enhanced autonomy, this project is a prime example of how solar energy can transform living spaces. Completed in 2022, it stands as a testament to MSS’s commitment to innovative, customer-centric renewable energy solutions. This case study not only demonstrates the financial and practical benefits of solar power but also ignites interest in its potential for residential applications.

Solar Battery Backup

Battery backup systems allow you to stay powered without relying on utility companies.

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Meet The Team

Carl Szumlanski

Residential Sales

Kat Gross

Sales Representative

Kat enjoys herbalism, gardening, at home crafts and art, Spends free time gaming with her husband and is full of love for her pet conure (small parrot) and cat

Randy Arnold

Client Relations

Randy has over 15 years’ experience designing and presenting customer options for our clients that meet their specific goals. He was the architect of the process and tools MSS used in the early years, before the advent of computer aided design tools. These tools allowed us to accurately represent the return of our clients’ return on investment. Randy has a high degree of customer centric focus. He continues to service clients’ needs and mentor our sales consultants that request it.

Brad Parrish

Brad Parrish

Residential Sales

Brad joined the MSS team in 2018 after a few years with other solar companies. A top producer in the residential sector. He consistently provides personalized quotes for solar and back up solutions. Brad recently moved near Hickory Hills golf course and enjoys golfing in his spare time. He has a background in electrical engineering from Lawrence technological University and has sales experience in automotive and home improvement industry.

Bryan Henderson

Bryan Henderson

Residential Sales

Bryan joined our team in September of 2021. He specializes in solar design and helping homeowners decide if going solar makes sense for them and their goals. He loves traveling all over the globe and meeting new people. You can also find him relaxing on the lake with his family and friends.

Dave Brock

Dave Brock

Assistant Residential Sales Manager

Dave’s greatest joy comes from his family, which includes six children and sixteen grandchildren, who are central to his life. He takes immense pride in his service as a United States Air Force Veteran and is a distinguished recipient of the Air Force Outstanding Unit Medal. His love for Northern Michigan, especially the wine trail near Traverse City, is a testament to his appreciation for the region’s natural beauty.

Driven by his firm belief in the transformative power of solar technology and its long-term benefits, Dave has dedicated his career to the solar industry. He chose Michigan Solar Solutions as his professional home because the company’s core values and objectives resonate deeply with his own. Committed to delivering exceptional service, Dave aims to provide each client with a personalized, pressure-free experience, focusing on solutions that meet their specific needs. His customer-first approach ensures that satisfaction is always a top priority. Dave is eager to connect with clients, working at their pace to ensure a comfortable and rewarding journey towards solar solutions.

Luke Stephenson

Residential & Commercial Sales

Luke is an energy systems professional that has recently entered the industry after a career in college baseball at Xavier University and Elon University. He graduated with a double major in Economics and Finance from Elon University in the Spring of 2023. Luke targeted the private energy generation industry after graduation because he believes in the utility these energy systems have to offer now and in the future. Luke is advancing his education in energy by pursuing NABCEP certifications to become a more reliable sales representative and a more effective collaborator with large scale energy systems. Luke is also the founder of The Energy Syndicate Project – a volume based energy system sales business that seeks partnerships with complimenting industries to further the adoption of this technology.

He enjoys pushing himself physically with strength training, saunas, and cold plunges. He also plays professional independent baseball during his summers. Luke has a golden retriever named Vin. He loves the outdoors and being a member of a team.

Nate Bogema

Nate Bogema

Residential Sales

Nate joined MSS in 2020. He specializes in solar design and and consultation.  He enjoys helping homeowners decide if going solar makes sense for them. Nate loves quality time with family and enjoys the outdoors.

Ray Myers

Ray Myers

Residential Sales Manager

Since joining Michigan Solar Solutions in 2017, Ray Myers has illuminated the path from a budding salesperson to the Residential Sales Manager, known for his radiant personality and bright ideas in solar energy solutions. Under his leadership, Ray has cultivated a team of Solar Consultants, distinguished not only by their expertise but also by their ability to tailor unique solutions for each customer. Ray’s professional approach to solar energy – it’s about using the right tool for the right job, not just a one-size-fits-all solution. He believes every solar challenge is as unique as his array of hobbies, ranging from strumming the guitar to perfecting his aim in archery. When he’s not busy harnessing the power of the sun, Ray is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys fishing, kayaking, hiking, and an occasional video game adventure. His life is a vibrant mosaic, complete with the company of his dog, three cats, and the support of his beautiful fiancé. Whether he’s navigating the great outdoors or the world of solar energy, Ray brings a blend of passion, humor, and dedication, making him a bright spot in both his professional and personal circles.


Solar works great in Michigan if your property has the room to install, and unshaded area for the panels to operate at their peak performance. Due to our high energy prices, Michigan is the best in the Midwest when it comes to return on investment for your solar array.

The best location is one where you have unobstructed southern exposure without any shading. East and West facing roofs are good too, but require a few more panels to create the same amount of power. Michigan Solar Solutions also installs ground-mounted solar arrays.

Homeowners are encouraged to notify their insurance company that they added panels. This will provide protection from unforeseen accidents or acts of nature that could impact the performance of the solar array.

Residential solar panels require zero maintenance. You can wash them or remove the snow if you want, but this cannot be considered maintenance since if you do not do it, your panels will be just fine.

The Return on Investment (ROI) for going solar depends on several factors: the home’s electricity usage and the timing of that usage, viability of the property for solar, the policies and pricing structures of the local utility company, the inclusion and cost of a battery system for backup power and prevention of loss from events like food spoilage, the unpredictable yet generally rising costs of traditional energy, and the specific solar equipment used. While initial investment costs may be significant, solar power can transform a home’s ongoing energy costs from a negative ROI (regular electricity bills) to a positive one, saving homeowners tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long term.

At Michigan Solar Solutions, our in-house team, comprising skilled engineers and experienced solar installers, manages the majority of our residential installations. We handle all electrical work and provide comprehensive service with our fully staffed department, ensuring high-quality control over every project. While we primarily rely on our internal expertise, we occasionally collaborate with specialized subcontractors for certain project aspects, enhancing our service while maintaining our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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