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Are Solar Panels in Michigan Worth it?


In our beloved Mitten State, many home and business owners have made the switch to solar energy in recent years. But with our varied seasons and (sometimes) unpredictable weather, many people wonder: are solar panels in Michigan worth it?

Our answer is simple–yes! Read on for a breakdown of why going solar in Michigan is a great investment for your home or commercial property.

Does solar work in the Michigan climate?

It’s a common misconception that states like California and Florida are the best for solar. This comes from the idea that solar flourishes in warmer climates, with lots of direct sun exposure. While this is partially true, solar makes sense for Michiganders, too! Contrary to popular belief, solar panels actually experience increased energy output in colder temperatures. While there may be a boost in energy production during summer months, this is because the days are longer with more sun exposure, not because it’s warmer outside.

While yes, Michigan does experience more cloudy days than some states, solar panels still produce energy even in overcast weather! Our solar panels are also built to withstand a 50 mph hail strike from a 1” hail ball, and flourish in winter months with proper monitoring and snow removal.

Are solar panels in Michigan worth it if the power goes out?

Due to our state’s frequent high winds and rain, power outages and blackouts definitely aren’t uncommon. If you have a grid-tied solar array when a blackout occurs, the inverter can no longer switch this D.C. current to grid-quality A.C. power, meaning you will lose power. To prevent this and to allow your system to work during a grid blackout, you need a battery added to your array!

During a power outage, batteries provide energy security by powering electricity to critical appliances and medical equipment such as freezers, water pumps, sump pumps, CPAP and oxygen machines, and heating and cooling. Energy from your batteries can be strategically deployed to improve your home’s resilience and maintain the comforts of life–no matter what happens.

How predictable and consistent are solar panels in Michigan?

If you’re a long-term thinker, good news: you’ll love how much future predictability solar power can offer you! Michigan is known for its high energy costs, with an average annual increase of 4 to 9 percent. In our state alone, homeowners that switch to solar will save tens of thousands of dollars and don’t have to worry about rising energy costs impacting their bills. With an average payback period of 10 years or less, the standard homeowner saves $23,852 on energy costs over the lifetime of their solar system.

Michigan Solar Solutions has been proudly serving our state’s community since 2007, and we’re only going up from here. Let’s chat today about taking your home or business solar!


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