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DIY – Parts and Smarts Program

pexels-energepiccom-175039Michigan Solar Solutions offers our Parts and Smarts program, for those that are handy and enjoy “Do It Yourself” projects. This option allows you to do some of the installation work yourself and will save you thousands of dollars on the typical solar array project.

We supply the following:

1. System layout and design
2. All parts and materials delivered to your array location
3. Applications and contract work with the utility company
4. One day up to 8 hours of technical assistance onsite to help the customer get started


The customer will be responsible for working with the local municipality to pull building and electrical permits, finding an electrician and doing all of the labor. If it is a ground mount array, they will have to do the trenching, sink the poles, mount the racking and panels, etc.

We suggest to the customer, if they chose the Parts & Smarts program, to have a team of helpers on the day that our technician comes out. They can work together under the direction of the tech and some times all but finish the installation.

Pricing for this program, at this time and date, are .50 per watt less than our installation price.  Thus, if the normal price is $3.10, the Parts & Smarts price will be $2.60.

If you’re interested in the program, contact us today!

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